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The History of Furniture Design

After our last blog post where we looked at what furniture we’d like to see in the future, we thought it fitting to look back at the history of furniture, you know, to keep things balanced.

It’s hard to imagine a time where there wasn’t any furniture at all - nothing to sit on, sleep on or nowhere to store your clothes or eat your food.

And as long as furniture has been around, I’m sure furniture repairs such as those we offer have been needed. There’s no doubt the Pharaohs of Egypt wouldn’t have stood for damage to their throne. As it happens, Egypt is where our timeline begins - with the Chaise Longue originating in 3,000 BC….

Click the title of this blog to see infographic in full size and discover where various modern day furniture items originated. 

Furniture of the Future - #50

  • 12 April 2018 08:42

With the combination of electronics and furniture an ever present development in furniture design, furniture is becoming less and less ‘just furniture’.

For example, there are coffee tables with built-in fridges, bed-side tables that charge your phone by simply placing your device on its surface and TVs that rise from the foot of your bed.

This got us thinking about how furniture may look in another 10, 20 or even 50 years’ time as the ‘Internet of Things’ develops.  We’ve come up with a few items of furniture we’d like to see become a reality:   


The Couch Potato

If you love fries, this one is for you. The couch potato would be a sofa that, at the press of a button, cooks and delivers chips straight to your lap! The chips would cook inside the structure of the sofa and when ready, they would rise up out of the arm rest on a tray which would extend over your lap (salted and with a side of ketchup?).

The Zzzzofa

This sofa would detect when you’ve fallen asleep in front of the telly, dim the lights, turn off the TV, gently cover you with a blanket and recline the seat so that you don’t wake up at 2am freezing cold with a stiff neck!

A Sit Bit

This armchair/cycling machine hybrid ensures you stay fit whilst you sit. Appearance wise, this would look like any normal armchair, complete with big, fluffy cushions. However, pedals would extend from the footrest when required and allow you to get your daily exercise in comfort. You could also wirelessly link the chair to your TV, with your TV becoming a screen to set goals, watch a motivational DVD and set the scene of the bike ride.

(C)hair & Make Up

How would you like to be able to sit in chair, rest your eyes for 20 minutes and have your hair and make-up done for you, every day? With Chair & Make-Up, you could!  You’d simply upload a picture to the chair’s system of how you want your hair or make up to look and it would recognise the items and colours used and will begin your hands-free make over. You can store your favourite styles and select them at the touch of a button.

Dine & Shine

A table fit for dining, that will also keep your dishes shining. After finishing your meal you simply flick a switch and this dining table would swallow up all of the dirty dishes. ...

As we saw a couple of blog posts back, recliners are the item our technicians repair the most, and March has been no exception. Over 50% of repairs carried out so far this month have been for recliners. You may be wondering why they are such a common problem. Well, from our experience, it’s because of the many components that make up a recliner, meaning a range of different parts could malfunction or break.

In March the repeat offender has been the cables. Essentially, they tell the footrest to extend when the handle is pulled or the button is pressed. Sometimes these malfunction because the cable has become disconnected or the protective rubber casing has worn away, leading to damage to the cable itself. However, the most common cause is the cable snapping completely!

Blissfully unaware, a customer might sit down after a long day expecting to put their feet up only to be disappointed when the footrest doesn’t release.

Thanks to our technicians though, their disappointment doesn’t last long. We care about our customers and our aim is to ensure they’re able to enjoy their furniture as much as they can. That’s why our technicians keep an array of spare parts in their vans, including cables for recliners. This ensures the repair can be carried out there and then and there’s no delay waiting for parts. As soon as the issue is identified, a replacement cable is fitted and the customer can get back to enjoying their furniture – job done!

If your faulty recliner is stopping you from sitting comfortably, give our friendly team a call on 01235 448 841 or email them at 

When you think about it, our dining tables are put through quite a lot – the table tops especially. We’re constantly placing something upon them: plates, cutlery, glasses, vases, serving dishes, laptops and various objects that could potentially cause damage.

That’s exactly what happened with this customer. A heavy object was placed on top of the table and, not happy with where it sat, the customer dragged the object across the surface before quickly noticing it had completely removed the colour! Not only that, the grain of the wood was different – as you can see, the grain consists of straight lines in the damaged area whereas the rest of the table contains curves and waves in the grain.

Whilst regretting their decision to drag the object, their next decision couldn’t have been a smarter one – they called In-Home Care & Repair. We quickly sent our technician to the consumer’s home to review the damage and they got straight to work repairing it.

The 2 key steps to repairing this damage were restoring the colour and recreating the grain to match the rest of the table. As you can see from the image, our technician achieved outstanding results and you wouldn’t notice where the mark used to be. For further protection in the future, a layer of lacquer was added to the wood to help prevent similar damage.

Our skilled technicians have vast experience in cosmetic repairs for wooden furniture and no damage is too much of a challenge. Give our team a call now to see what we can do for you.

Phone: 01235 448 841


With the ever growing range of furniture items available and the varying materials and finishes used, it’s no surprise that the types of damage or faults that could occur are endless. Throughout their years of experience our technicians have repaired many types of damage from dents in high gloss finished units to snapped frames in sofas and chairs – although these aren’t the most frequent.

Below are the top 5 most common repairs our experts have carried out in recent times:


1. Faulty Recliner Chairs – top spot goes to the recliners! Whether it’s a broken remote control, a faulty cable or the reclining mechanism itself, recliners have proved the most frequent purpose for a technician call out.

2. Broken Springs – in at number 2 are broken springs. There’s little that makes a chair or mattress more uncomfortable than a broken spring. Our regular repairs mean we consistently restore comfort for our customers.

3. Cut, Tear, Puncture – jewellery, belt buckles, keys or even pet claws are the main culprits here. Whether it’s leather or fabric, we can repair it.

4. Flat Cushions –watching television is our most popular pastime and part of our nation’s great culture, so it’s no surprise to see this one in the top 5.

5. Wood Chips – so easily done and rather obvious to the eye, it’s important to have these repaired as soon as possible. Our technicians are experts in the field, and we can restore the beauty to wooden items so that you wouldn’t even know it was damaged to begin with.  


If your furniture is in need of repair don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 600 1899 or email

When you have a chip, almost 10 times out of 10 you’d want it to be a chip covered in salt and potentially dipped in ketchup – not a chip in your wooden furniture!

Unfortunately, this customer’s was the latter. As you can see from the image, it’s quite noticeable and isn’t something you want to see when you walk up and down your stairs each day. However, thanks to our expert repair technician, this customer didn’t have to see it for long.

The repair began by using hot wax to fill the chip. Then, our colour matching process and blending crayon were used to ensure the repaired area was consistent with the rest of the wood. For the final touch, our technician used a graining pen to add lines to the wax to ensure it looked as much like wood as the surrounding area.

You can see the great result and it’s safe to say the customer was delighted. In their feedback they highlighted the excellent experience from start to finish, from our friendly In Home Care & Repair office team to the expert technician who carried out the repair.

To find out more about wood repairs, click here.

Or, if your furniture is need of repair, give us a call now on 01235 448 841 or email

The New Year is here and it’s time to commit to those life-long changes (for a month or two at least!). Whether it’s eating habits, exercising or learning something new, everyone is looking to better themselves – but why not extend that to your home? If you’ve got an item of furniture that’s in need of repair and you haven’t got round to it yet, let Guardsman In-Home Care and Repair help make that your new year’s resolution.

Whether it’s damage from long term use such as peeling of leather or loss of colour, or whether it’s a more sudden accident such as a scratch or a tear (potentially the outcome of the kids playing with their new toys), our expert technicians are here to help.

We are also experts in repairing recliner chairs. Whether the recliner is stuck in position, the handle has broken or the electronic controller is not responding, we can fix it.

With years of experience and proven repair processes, our technicians can breathe new life into your furniture.

Get in touch with us today by calling 0345 600 1899 or email  for your free quote or to book an appointment with a technician.

It’s that time of year again… High street lights are being switched on & John Lewis has released its tear-jerking advert – that’s right, Christmas is coming! As part of your preparation for guests to arrive, make sure your furniture is in tip top condition with furniture repairs from Guardsman’s In-Home Care & Repair network.

After the fun of Christmas morning and unwrapping presents, Christmas dinner awaits! If you’ve got a chip, dent or scratch that needs repairing give our team a call, because the only damage we want to see at the table is to the food!

Once you’re full to the brim, it’s time to move to the sofa and enjoy a Christmas film. We want you to sit comfortably, so don’t let tears, rips or flat cushions ruin the comfort of your sofa – get them fixed; and if grandad has a favourite recliner seat make sure it’s ready and working so he can put his feet up.

Our expert repair technicians are on hand to ensure your furniture is in full working condition on the big day. To find out more about our services or to ask about any damage you want repaired, call our team today on 0345 600 1899 or email

After this customer’s family dog shook flea treatment all over their leather sofa they soon noticed small dots where the leather surface had discoloured. One of our Guardsman technicians was called upon to fix this so that you wouldn’t even know it had been damaged in the first place!

Family pets are important to many of us, and as our pets share the main living space in our homes accidents can easily happen. When this customer applied the regular flea treatment to their pet, the dog naturally shook its fur - spraying the flea treatment everywhere! This caused small discolouration dots to the leather on their sofa.

Unsure of how to resolve the problem, this customer did the right thing and called our In-Home Care & Repair team! Our technicians are experts in furniture repair and leather discoloration is no stranger.

After carefully inspecting the damage, our technician knew exactly which products he needed. First he cleaned the affected area to remove any built up dirt and grime and then applied a liquid dye, which had been accurately colour-matched to the sofa. To maintain the leather’s natural shine, the repair was finished by applying a lacquer coating.

If your furniture has been damaged by pet use, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us on 01235 448841 or email

Our technicians are experts in restoring all types of furniture including wooden cabinets. These skills were put to the test when faced with a customers bedroom cabinet which was damaged by a candle wax spill, leaving pale streaks flowing down the cabinet doors. Thankfully, our experienced technician had dealt with similar damage before and knew exactly how to resolve it.

The first step was to strip the wax off of the cabinet, leaving no solid residue. Then, to ensure the pale stripes were no longer visible, the technician colour matched the wood, mixed up some paint and applied it to the affected areas. Once this had dried sufficiently, a lacquer coating was applied before a final polish to restore the woods natural shine. The customer was delighted with the results and her cabinet is once again a beautiful feature in her bedroom.

To find out more about wood restoration service, please click here.