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One of the most common types of damage we repair on leather is a tear. Whether it’s caused by pets, children or simply from a set of keys, a tear in leather should be repaired as soon as possible for the best results. For this customer, scissors were the culprit.

Not to worry though, for our expert technicians this is a typical cosmetic repair process carried out on a daily basis.

Our technician began by inserting backing gauze which was secured using an adhesive and strengthened the repair. To ensure the repaired area blended back into the rest of the sofa, the technician made sure the grain of the leather was restored. To do this, 2 different resins were used to create a latex patch. The patch was then pressed firmly against another area of the sofa and with the help of a heat gun it moulded around the grain to create a print.

The mould on the patch was then pressed onto the tear using a heat iron which enabled the pattern of the grain to be transferred and blend the tear into the rest of the sofa.

A final key step was to ensure the colour of the affected area matched the sofa. Our tech used a colour spectrometer which tells him the exact makeup of the colour so he can reproduce it. Once the colour was mixed up it was applied to the affected area and a sealant was used to seal it in.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience and expertise of our technician, the customer was left delighted.

Let’s face it the sight of peeling isn’t the most pleasant, whether it’s your sunburnt skin or your leather sofa. Not only does it look unattractive but most of us are inclined to make it worse with constant picking.

When it comes to leather, the main issue is the noticeable difference in colour where the peel occurs. As with the customer on this recent job, the peeling area stands out from the rest of the suite due to colour change, different surface texture and the increased absorption of bodily oils and dirt.

Thankfully, our leather repair expert was able to carry out a cosmetic repair and revitalise the arm cushion. The process involved first cleaning the affected area before mixing up a colour matching dye and re-painting. Once dry, our expert added a lacquer which sealed in the dye and helps protect against future peeling. The end result being that you can’t even tell it was peeling to begin with!

Not only was this customer delighted with the repair, but their leather sofa once again looked beautiful in the main living and entertaining space of their home.  

Top Tip: Real leather is a skin and it needs maintenance just as your own skin does. To prevent your leather from peeling be sure to use a leather conditioner on a regular basis; this will help maintain the softness and suppleness whilst preventing the leather from becoming dry.

We all love a recliner chair. They’re cosy, comfortable and after a long day they allow you to put your feet up and enjoy some rest and relaxation. It’s a time people look forward to.

Unfortunately for this customer, just as they were about to take a well-earned rest, the plastic handle on their chair snapped; meaning the recliner foot rest couldn’t be released. However, a simple call to our friendly In-Home Care & Repair team led to a technician visiting the customer at their home. Our expert reviewed the broken handle and identified which part was needed immediately. As our technicians carry stock in their vans, there was no need to order new parts and the repair could be done there and then.

Thanks to the quick and simple repair it wasn’t long before the customer was back enjoying her recliner chair.

Wood Chip - Before & After

A chip in your wood in the last thing you need. It stands out like a sore thumb and you’re probably wondering how such damage could be repaired – a chunk of wood is missing after all. The cause of this damage? A simple slip of the fingers whilst cleaning and the corner of a dropped picture frame landed on the cabinet – it could happen to anyone! To make things worse for this customer, their wooden bedside cabinet had a high gloss finish and clearly the chip would not shine with the rest of the cabinet. Despite this, our expert wood repair technician in Kent was able to fully restore this customer’s item in no time at all.

How did he do it? The first step was to fill in the chip with hot wax before colour matching the darkness of the wood. He then used a blending crayon which allowed the wax to blend in to the surrounding area. After using a graining pen to add the lines of the grain to the wax, the final step was to apply a lacquer to revive the high gloss finish, making any damage unnoticeable.

Thanks to this cosmetic wood repair the customer can return to enjoying their bedside cabinet and their bedroom as a whole.

You can find out more about our wood repair service here.

Leather Repair Restoration

There’s no job too difficult for our repair technicians and this restoration in London demonstrated just how talented they are. It appeared as though this customer’s brown leather cushion had seen its best days go by. It looked dry, worn and had experienced some colour loss. Luckily, our leather repair specialist was on hand to breathe new life into this sofa.

After first cleaning and then applying a nourishing cream to the leather and allowing it to dry, natural fats were added to eliminate the wear and provide a softer feel. The technician then mixed up a matching colour dye and applied this to the cushion. He finished by applying a layer of lacquer to seal in the dye and provide a resistant surface to protect against wear in the future.

This repair not only brightened up the sofa, it brightened up the consumer’s home and they can once again love their sofa.  

Interiors Monthly 2016

We’re pleased to announce that we recently won the Interiors Monthly 2016 “Best Warranty Provider” award. The awards are one the furniture industry’s highest honours recognising the companies which excel in each category.

Award winners were selected by their peers, which in our case includes the many retailers, manufacturers and suppliers we work with on a daily basis. Outside of the private repair world, we’re the market leader for Furniture Protection Plans in the UK with more than 2.8 million households protecting their furniture with us.

One of the reasons we won this award was due to the outstanding repair work performed by our network of repair technicians and cleaning specialists. We have a network of specialist independent technicians, rather than generalists, which means we deliver a first class service. We organise regular training courses for our technicians to continue to build on their skills and ensure they are up to date on any new materials and the relevant repair techniques. 

Our In-Home Care & Repair service utilises the same network of furniture professionals across the UK to carry out repairs in your home. If you decide to have a repair through us you’ll be receiving the highest quality repair from the best technicians within the furniture industry along with great customer service. We wouldn’t settle for anything other than the best and we’re very proud to be recognised with this award.

Our customers also think we’re pretty good at what we do. In fact, we’re rated 5 stars for our repair work and customer service. You can check out our reviews here.

Antique Furniture Restoration

We’re always excited when we get asked to repair antique furniture. While, sadly, we’re not likely to make a guest appearance on Antiques Roadshow anytime soon, we think that Fiona Bruce would be impressed with the end result of these antique repairs.

Our customer was upset with finding a chip in their Edwardian side table along with damage to the pelmet (which is the narrow border along the top) of their clock.  However our skilled wood specialist in Nottingham, Andy, was on hand to get these looking pristine again with some expert cosmetic repairs.

In order to repair the clock, we manufactured a new decorative top which was then stained and lacquered to make it look as close to the original as possible. It was secured in place with a fast acting and strong adhesive to ensure a long lasting repair.

For the table, matching the red colour may look like a challenge but Andy has access to a broad range of specialist tools which you can’t find in the shops. He used a wax filler to replace the missing chunk of wood. Andy then used a blending crayon to better match the colour of the wood and finally detailed over the wood grain effect. 

We’re the experts when it comes to restoring wood furniture. Check out our wood repair services.

Broken Spring Repair

If one of your springs break there’s no need to panic, just call us, the furniture professionals. Our repair experts know the internal structure of sofas like the back of their hands and can get this back to normal right away.

Our technicians keep common replacement parts, like springs, in their van to ensure you won’t have to wait for a repair. For Darcy, our furniture repair specialist in Kent, this was a routine fix. One of the seat springs had come away from the rail in our customer’s sofa, but fortunately the spring itself was undamaged. The clip which holds the spring in place was broken. Darcy replaced the broken part and re-attached the spring back into the rail.

Flat cushions? Broken springs? Why not check out our sofa repair services.

Cushion Filling Recliner Chair Repair

Our customer’s sofa and recliner were starting to feel less than comfortable as the seat cushion interiors had been worn down by use. No matter the upholstery, cushion filling will flatten over time and is often accelerated by our own habits, like sitting in the same spot. Without this supportive layer you may start to feel the frame and spring underneath, which are sharp and unpleasant to sit on.

Fortunately Darcy, our skilled repair technician in Dartford, was able to identify the problem right away. The foam and fibre covering beneath the fitted lining had torn apart against the vertical internal frame panel, which had made it sharper in the process. He stripped down the chair and planed away the sharper edges of the metal, which were the main cause of discomfort. He then added a new layer of foam padding to the chair, which made it more supportive and comfortable to sit on.

No matter the filling - we source, replace and fit cushion interiors to give you the best support.  Check out our cushion filling services.

Furniture repair reviews

At Guardsman we believe that if you love your furniture you shouldn’t have to replace it when it gets damaged or needs some TLC.You shouldn’t have to compromise the look you’ve created or replace it when often your problems are completely fixable. Even if you aren’t sure what’s wrong because it isn’t obvious our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you to help diagnose the problem. 

If you’re not sure where to turn, we can help. But don’t take our word for it. Our customers’ have consistently rated us 5 stars, both for the quality of the repairs and cleaning our technicians perform, and for our customer service. We take a lot of pride in the work that we do and we’re always delighted when we receive a new review on our website.

You can see our reviews here and if you’ve recently had a repair with us we always appreciate the feedback. Leaving a review only takes a few minutes.