Who We Are

About Us

At Guardsman Care & Repair we take our title of ‘furniture care professionals’ very seriously. From the technicians we hire to the services we offer, we really pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about furniture.


Our Technicians


Our Technicians Training

Even though the majority of our technicians have years of experience we monitor their performance closely and provide regular training sessions to refresh their existing knowledge and introduce them to new skills. Furniture is constantly evolving and we make sure they are trained and equipped to deal with all the latest trends and finishes of fabric, leather and wood furniture as well as the structural/mechanical elements that lie beneath.


Our Technicians In the Field

Our network of expert technicians operates across the UK visiting consumers to complete repairs directly in the home. With furniture we know that no two jobs are the same and we always ensure that the most skilled person is selected for each job depending on your requirements. We’ll gather as much information as possible about your problem upfront as our priority is to always ensure the best possible opportunity for success.


Our Technicians Always Improving

In the end, we only retain technicians whose work is continuously proven successful in the field. And because Guardsman monitors every repair, we are able to modify training procedures and products to continuously improve on our technicians’ performance and efficiency—and your satisfaction.


Guardsman - your local expert.

Our network of technicians stretches across England, Scotland & Wales so we’ll be able to put you in touch with your local repair expert. We aim to provide a quick and convenient service so that the damage doesn’t get any worse and you can continue to use and enjoy your furniture. We have a mixture of cleaning and technical specialists so we’ll always be able to send exactly the right repair expert for each individual job. Sometimes it might be necessary to take an item to a workshop to complete a repair but generally we try to fix it for you there and then in your home.

Our Story in a Nutshell

The Beginning

Guardsman has been providing excellence in furniture care since 1915. We were originally founded in Michigan, USA as a producer of varnishes for furniture makers.

Product Launch

Early on, we began creating furniture polishes under the Guardsman name. In the 1960's, at the demand of manufacturers, we created our first in a long series of fabric protection products.

Global Expansion

During the 1970s we began offering furniture protection plans, first in the US and then expanded into the UK and Australia.

Innovation Leads the Way

By 1995, we grew into the company we are today – providing repair services to furniture manufacturers and retailers and their customers. Our years of creating new and better products and services were really paying off.

A New Home

In 2000 Guardsman was acquired by The Valspar Corporation, providing us with stronger capabilities to ultimately deliver better service to our customers.

Looking Forward

Today at Guardsman, we continue to grow, improve, reimagine and innovate within the furniture industry. Our In-Home Care and Repair Services aim to make your life easier and keep the furniture you love, loved.