3 Steps to Caring for Your Fabric

  • 21 August 2018 04:20

When you’ve invested in furniture that will likely be the centrepiece to your living room, it’s important you know how to keep it looking its best. In the blog we provide a simple 3 step process to be carried out with our Fabric Care Collection – a set of 3 specialist fabric cleaning products developed with experts in Italy.


1. Stain Removal

The first step in the process is to eliminate any stains on your fabric item. If you’re like me and enjoy getting comfortable with a cup of tea and a tasty cocoa based treat then it’s more than likely you’ll have a chocolate stain somewhere!

Stains can often be stubborn, difficult to remove and ruin the appearance of your beautiful furniture. To restore your furniture to its former glory, eliminate the stains with Guardsman Remove & Restore.

Simply spray the product onto the affected area and, using a sponge or cloth, blot the stain until it’s disappeared.


2. Keeping it Clean

Once the stains have all been cleared it’s time to spruce up your item with an all over clean. Dirt and grime isn’t always visible yet it builds up over time and can be set in your fabrics without you realising; which is why it’s important to clean your fabric regularly. Our Clean & Revive fabric cleaner is ideal for targeting built up dirt, breaking it down and eliminating it from your furniture.

To use, spray the product over the item and wipe using a damp sponge or cloth.


3. Freshen Up

The third and final step is to have your furniture smelling as fresh as it looks so when your guests take a seat they also take note! Guardsman Deodorise & Refresh provides a comforting spring-time fragrance that’ll make you want to never leave your sofa.

As we like to make our products easy to use, again all you need to do is spray the product over your furniture and leave to settle in. 


Following these 3 steps on regular basis will keep your fabric furniture looking beautiful and full of life. 

As well as expert cleaning and repair services, Guardsman Care & Repair offers high quality cleaning products so you can keep your items looking their best for longer – and they’re available on Amazon! You can even get some on Prime! 

From stain removers to cleaning and protection, our product range covers fabric and leather items, dining and cabinet furniture as well as mattresses and pillows. Simply visit our Amazon store to see our complete range:



In order to keep your leather soft, supple and stain free it’s important to regularly care for your items. Our range of products includes a specially formulated cleaner, ink remover and protector, which prevents liquids from being absorbed and damaging your leather.

If you're leather currently bears an ink stain, take advantage of our current promotion on a set of 3 Ink Remover Wipes - discounted by 58%! 


Fabric items are susceptible to dirt and grime build up, staining and odour retention. With our Fabric Care Collection and stain removers you can ensure your furniture remains clean, stain free and smelling fresh. Our complete cleaning kit includes a stain remover, cleaner and a deodoriser.


Whether you want to deep clean your dining table or simply dust down your cabinets, our collection of products can help maintain your wooden furniture’s natural lustre. You can stop worrying about glasses being put down without coasters or the sunlight discolouring your items;  our specialist cloth can remove ring marks whilst our wood polish contains UV absorbers to protect against the sun’s UV rays.

Mattress & Pillow Protectors

Our range of mattress and pillow protectors help to combat allergens and are 100% waterproof. We offer 3 types - Classic, Natural & Luxury - each with their own qualities. Our Classic range is made from porous terry-cotton whilst our Natural protectors have been designed using a natural TENCEL fibre which is soft to touch and ideal for sensitive skin. ...

Leather sofa scuffed & colour loss

Leather furniture is tough and hard wearing but daily use takes its toll and it’s near on impossible to avoid wear and tear. Whether an accident or built up over time, leather furniture is vulnerable to damage such as rips, burns, scratches, peeling and colour loss.

This customer’s leather sofa had unfortunately been scuffed on the corner of a seat cushion, causing colour loss and an unpleasant appearance. Their item being red only made matters worse as it meant the damaged area was more apparent and increased the need for an expert repair.

After making the wise decision to call Guardsman Care & Repair, we sent out our leather specialist to complete a cosmetic repair and ensure the best result for the customer.  

Our technician began by cleaning the affected area before applying a dye that had been colour matched using a specialist tool. Once dry, a lacquer was added to seal the dye and help protect against future damage and wear and tear.

The customer was delighted with the outcome as her beautiful leather furniture had been restored.

If your leather furniture is need of repair, contact us now at or call 01235 448 841.

To see our range of leather cleaning and protection products, visit our Amazon store here: Guardsman Amazon Store - Leather Products

Before leather is ready to be used to cover furniture items it starts off as a hide, usually from cattle, and needs to be developed through various processes. In fact, until some of these processes have been completed, leather can’t actually be considered as leather.

The 3 main stages are:

Preparation for tanning - such as bleaching and degreasing.

Tanning - making the leather more durable and long lasting.

Finishing - when the leather is finidried and softened before a range of other finishing methods can be applied such as coating and dyes.  

The final product depends highly on the processes it goes through. Below are a few common types of leather used for furniture.   


Finished Leather

During the finishing process, this leather is buffed to hide any scarring or blemishes and coated with pigments and a grain pattern. This gives it a uniform appearance and resistance to marks, making it a perfect choice for families when purchasing leather furniture.


Aniline is one of the most natural looking leathers available but also one of the most vulnerable as it has no finish and is easily stained. During the finishing process it is simply dried, softened and dyed whilst no coating or sealant is applied. Only high quality leather is suitable for aniline finishing and furniture items are usually very expensive.


With a thin topcoat dye, semi-aniline leather is more durable and resilient against soiling and staining than aniline. It maintains its natural appearance as the surface enhancement is minimal. The dye contains a small amount of pigment which creates a more consistent colour across the furniture than aniline.


Nubuck leather originates from a cattle hide and will have been sanded or buffed during the finishing process. This creates a layer of short protein fibres and produces a velvet finish. Nubuck is great if you’re looking for a soft feel to your furniture.

Faux Leather

Although technically not a leather, Faux leather is a popular finish for many furniture items. Rather than a hide, faux leather is created from a plastic base and treated with a wax, dye or polyurethane to create texture and colour. ...

As all owners will know, dogs enjoy the occasional nibble at our furniture. Whether it’s due to teething pains as a puppy or plain boredom, our beautiful items often fall victim to the sharp gnashes of man’s best friend. It’s usually the sofa cushions, your armchair or the feet of your dining chairs – but this eager canine managed to cause havoc to the corner of its owner’s lovely wooden table.

No doubt the customer was horrified to see the damage done, but thankfully they knew exactly what to do – contact Guardsman Care & Repair!

Our expert repair technician began by restoring the corner using hot wax before colour matching to the wood to ensure the repaired area blended in. It isn’t enough to simply fill the gap and match the colour, we also needed to ensure the grain of the wood was restored, again to match the rest of the table. This was achieved by using our specialist graining pen to add the required lines to the hot wax and then letting it to cool. To finish off, a lacquer was applied to protect the wood against colour loss.

To find out more about our wood repairs, click here


Wood Repair Video

Click here to watch video.


When your beautiful wooden furniture has a rather large chip in it, as in the video above, you might think it will forever be scarred and you need to spend lots of money to replace it. Think again. 

Here at Guardsman, our expert repair technicians can perform what seem like miracles to damaged wood. Whether it’s a dent, a scratch or a chip, through cosmetic repairs our technicians can make it seem as if the damage never happened. The proof is in the video.

To find out more about our wood repairs, click here.

The History of Furniture Design

After our last blog post where we looked at what furniture we’d like to see in the future, we thought it fitting to look back at the history of furniture, you know, to keep things balanced.

It’s hard to imagine a time where there wasn’t any furniture at all - nothing to sit on, sleep on or nowhere to store your clothes or eat your food.

And as long as furniture has been around, I’m sure furniture repairs such as those we offer have been needed. There’s no doubt the Pharaohs of Egypt wouldn’t have stood for damage to their throne. As it happens, Egypt is where our timeline begins - with the Chaise Longue originating in 3,000 BC….

Click the title of this blog to see infographic in full size and discover where various modern day furniture items originated. 

Furniture of the Future - #50

  • 12 April 2018 08:42

With the combination of electronics and furniture an ever present development in furniture design, furniture is becoming less and less ‘just furniture’.

For example, there are coffee tables with built-in fridges, bed-side tables that charge your phone by simply placing your device on its surface and TVs that rise from the foot of your bed.

This got us thinking about how furniture may look in another 10, 20 or even 50 years’ time as the ‘Internet of Things’ develops.  We’ve come up with a few items of furniture we’d like to see become a reality:   


The Couch Potato

If you love fries, this one is for you. The couch potato would be a sofa that, at the press of a button, cooks and delivers chips straight to your lap! The chips would cook inside the structure of the sofa and when ready, they would rise up out of the arm rest on a tray which would extend over your lap (salted and with a side of ketchup?).

The Zzzzofa

This sofa would detect when you’ve fallen asleep in front of the telly, dim the lights, turn off the TV, gently cover you with a blanket and recline the seat so that you don’t wake up at 2am freezing cold with a stiff neck!

A Sit Bit

This armchair/cycling machine hybrid ensures you stay fit whilst you sit. Appearance wise, this would look like any normal armchair, complete with big, fluffy cushions. However, pedals would extend from the footrest when required and allow you to get your daily exercise in comfort. You could also wirelessly link the chair to your TV, with your TV becoming a screen to set goals, watch a motivational DVD and set the scene of the bike ride.

(C)hair & Make Up

How would you like to be able to sit in chair, rest your eyes for 20 minutes and have your hair and make-up done for you, every day? With Chair & Make-Up, you could!  You’d simply upload a picture to the chair’s system of how you want your hair or make up to look and it would recognise the items and colours used and will begin your hands-free make over. You can store your favourite styles and select them at the touch of a button.

Dine & Shine

A table fit for dining, that will also keep your dishes shining. After finishing your meal you simply flick a switch and this dining table would swallow up all of the dirty dishes. ...

As we saw a couple of blog posts back, recliners are the item our technicians repair the most, and March has been no exception. Over 50% of repairs carried out so far this month have been for recliners. You may be wondering why they are such a common problem. Well, from our experience, it’s because of the many components that make up a recliner, meaning a range of different parts could malfunction or break.

In March the repeat offender has been the cables. Essentially, they tell the footrest to extend when the handle is pulled or the button is pressed. Sometimes these malfunction because the cable has become disconnected or the protective rubber casing has worn away, leading to damage to the cable itself. However, the most common cause is the cable snapping completely!

Blissfully unaware, a customer might sit down after a long day expecting to put their feet up only to be disappointed when the footrest doesn’t release.

Thanks to our technicians though, their disappointment doesn’t last long. We care about our customers and our aim is to ensure they’re able to enjoy their furniture as much as they can. That’s why our technicians keep an array of spare parts in their vans, including cables for recliners. This ensures the repair can be carried out there and then and there’s no delay waiting for parts. As soon as the issue is identified, a replacement cable is fitted and the customer can get back to enjoying their furniture – job done!

If your faulty recliner is stopping you from sitting comfortably, give our friendly team a call on 01235 448 841 or email them at 

When you think about it, our dining tables are put through quite a lot – the table tops especially. We’re constantly placing something upon them: plates, cutlery, glasses, vases, serving dishes, laptops and various objects that could potentially cause damage.

That’s exactly what happened with this customer. A heavy object was placed on top of the table and, not happy with where it sat, the customer dragged the object across the surface before quickly noticing it had completely removed the colour! Not only that, the grain of the wood was different – as you can see, the grain consists of straight lines in the damaged area whereas the rest of the table contains curves and waves in the grain.

Whilst regretting their decision to drag the object, their next decision couldn’t have been a smarter one – they called In-Home Care & Repair. We quickly sent our technician to the consumer’s home to review the damage and they got straight to work repairing it.

The 2 key steps to repairing this damage were restoring the colour and recreating the grain to match the rest of the table. As you can see from the image, our technician achieved outstanding results and you wouldn’t notice where the mark used to be. For further protection in the future, a layer of lacquer was added to the wood to help prevent similar damage.

Our skilled technicians have vast experience in cosmetic repairs for wooden furniture and no damage is too much of a challenge. Give our team a call now to see what we can do for you.

Phone: 01235 448 841