Pesky Pooch Chews Dining Table - Wood Table Repair

  • 21/05/18 05:14
  • Luke Powell

As all owners will know, dogs enjoy the occasional nibble at our furniture. Whether it’s due to teething pains as a puppy or plain boredom, our beautiful items often fall victim to the sharp gnashes of man’s best friend. It’s usually the sofa cushions, your armchair or the feet of your dining chairs – but this eager canine managed to cause havoc to the corner of its owner’s lovely wooden table.

No doubt the customer was horrified to see the damage done, but thankfully they knew exactly what to do – contact Guardsman Care & Repair!

Our expert repair technician began by restoring the corner using hot wax before colour matching to the wood to ensure the repaired area blended in. It isn’t enough to simply fill the gap and match the colour, we also needed to ensure the grain of the wood was restored, again to match the rest of the table. This was achieved by using our specialist graining pen to add the required lines to the hot wax and then letting it to cool. To finish off, a lacquer was applied to protect the wood against colour loss.

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