What we repair

Sofa Cushion Replacement


We offer a complete sofa cushion replacement service, from seat cushions to scatter cushions, sourcing the exact interior you want, cut specifically for your sofa and fitted at your convenience



Made from polyurethane. Foam is durable, supportive and the most common interior used in upholstered furniture. We can source all foam composites.


Usually encased in a woven material, it’s a softer filling than foam. It feels like you are sitting in the cushion rather than on top of it.


A natural interior that provides a soft and sumptuous feel, typically made from duck, goose or down feathers. It’s encased in a wax layer to prevent the quills from piercing through the upholstery.

Pocketed Spring Interior

Effective at increasing the lifespan of the cushion. Cushioned springs push the filling back into place after use.


How to plump a sofa cushion

How to reduce cushion flattening


Turn Cushions

Due to the way we sit on our sofas and cushions, it's common that one area or side of each individual seat cushion gets more use than others. Where possible turn your seat cushions regularly to ensure even use. If you can't turn the cushion itself you can try turning the interior instead.

Rotate Cushions

We all have a favourite spot on the sofa, but you don’t need to start sitting elsewhere. A good idea is to swap reversible cushions to ensure the whole sofa is being used evenly to prevent excessive wear to one cushion.


Loose cushion covers should be re-dressed occasionally, by removing the padding and then realigning the seat and seam edges. This helps prevent the covers from going out of line.


Plump your cushions properly. Take the seat or back cushion off your sofa and place it onto its narrow side. Firmly hit the edges inwards. This should restore air between the fibres or feathers, preventing them from matting together. Give it a good shake before replacing. Foam interiors don't need to be plumped.

Technician Visit

Our technician will visit you to determine the exact grade and replacement filling to get the right support for you

Precise Measurements

To ensure best results and get exactly what you need he measures the area precisely noting the exact shape and dimensions of the filling.

Replacement Sofa Cushions

We source and keep replacement interiors in stock. Fibre and soft fillings are kept on hand to replace on the day. Foam is measured and cut electronically to get the perfect fit for your sofa.

Fit & Relax

If necessary, the technician will return with the replacement sofa cushions and fit this at your leisure, so you can relax on properly stuffed upholstery again.