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Recliner Mechanism Repair

Mechanisms and electrical components may break or wear out over time. We can keep your recliner working and can service it in your home.

Recliner Cables

Broken recliner cables are typically caused when they get caught in the mechanism and are one of the most common problems. We can replace cables without needing to wait for parts.

All Recliner Brands

We repair all kinds of recliner sofas, whether you own Natuzzi, La-Z-Boy, or G-Plan, we can help.

Electric Recliners

Whether its fabric or leather upholstered we can repair broken electric recliners.

Manual Recliners

We can replace broken levers and repair structural damage to broken manual recliners.

Broken Pistons

If the pistons have broken or the actuator is faulty we can repair and replace common motorised parts.

Broken Motors and Switches

If the motor has stopped working we can give your recliner the service it needs to get it working again.

Stuck open recliner

If your recliner is stuck open and you’re not sure how to close it give us a call.


Our repair expert fixes an electric recliner that has a broken switch and cable

The Guardsman Recliner Care Guide


How do I close a stuck recliner?

Make sure you unplug your chair first. Turn the chair over so you can see the electric components underneath. You need to disengage the piston which is holding the foot rest open by removing the split pin. This will cause the recliner to close.

Keep your recliner cables tidy

They can be a trip hazard so make sure you arrange this to prevent it from being a problem. Don’t stuff the cable or the transformer into your chair when tidying. Recliner chair cables can be severed if they become caught in the pistons or mechanisms.

Avoiding frame bending

Always close your foot rest first before getting up. Recliner frames will bend or snap if exposed to too much weight or stress.

Check your socket first

If you’ve got a problem be sure to call us, but make sure you’ve checked the socket first by testing it with another electrical device.

Recliner Cables

Broken cables are a frequent problem as they sometimes get caught in the mechanism leaving them damaged or completely severed. We always have a replacement recliner cable available.

Broken Switch

Switches can jam, get stuck, or simply break in both manual and electric recliners. We can replace these straight away to get your chair reclining again.

Broken Springs

Springs can snap or come out of place. We can replace broken springs and get your recliner feeling comfy again.

Damaged Leather

Our repair technicians are specialists in leather restoration. We can mend rips, tears or punctures and even restore colour loss.