Sofa Repair & Restoration

Broken Frame

If your sofa frame breaks or if the structure has started to fail you can count on us. We can mend damaged frames and provide extra support to rails.

Rips and Tears

We can repair leather sofa damage like this, however if left unchecked it can become irreparable. Call us straight away and we can fix it.

Sofa Beds

We can repair daybeds and spring sofa beds. If yours is losing resilience or has broken springs we can repair or source and fit replacement parts.

Collapsed Arms

High use areas like arms can start to collapse and lose their firmness over time. We know how to repair and restore sofa arms.

Broken springs

Sofa springs can break or come loose from spring clips. We can repair and replace parts to get your sofa in full use again.

Sofa Cushion Replacement

If your sofa cushions are starting to sag, have flattened or lost resilience we can measure new foam or fibre to fit and replace the interiors to give you the comfort you desire.

Broken feet, legs, and castors

If the bottom of your sofa starts to give way, we can repair wobbly or broken sofa legs and feet.

Colour Loss

If your sofa has started to fade we can give it the professional care it needs to restore colour loss in leather upholstery.


Watch one of our sofa repair experts fix these broken springs.

Sofa Tips from the Guardsman Pros


1. Will it fit? One of our top tips before buying a new sofa is to measure its length and width to ensure it will fit through any doors or hallways it might have to pass through to get into your living room!

2. Feng Shui can be a fun way of freshening up your home’s layout or deciding how to position your sofa. Check out our beginner’s guide on our blog if you’re looking for ideas on how you can channel the energy of your home.

3. Know your sofa’s fabric or leather type. Manufacturers use a variety, which can be prized for softness, natural look or resilience to wear and tear. You should only ever use specialist cleaning or protection products on your sofa that are formulated for that textile as it may react to certain chemicals. Always test any new products in a hidden area first.

4. Don’t use baby wipes on sofas, ever! Baby wipes strip away the protective layer on fibres and leather making them more easily stained or damaged. Likewise the chemicals these leave behind can cause bleaching.

Chesterfield Sofa

Named after the Earl of Chesterfield who wanted a sofa to keep his suit from creasing. It has distinctive buttoned and quilted upholstery; this settee is refined and seen as a symbol of sophistication.

Sectional Sofa

One of the most contemporary looking sofas out there we love the amount of variation and flexibility the different shapes can give to your living room maximising seating space.

Chaise Longue

While the name might make you think it originated in France, the earliest known chair and daybed combo was thought to have been made in Egypt from palm sticks and cord. This sofa dates back to 3000 BC.

Knole Sofa

A quintessential English sofa from the 17th century. The tell-tale sign of a Knole is its straight high back and adjustable arms to protect against drafts!