Wood Furniture Repair




Wood scratch repair

When polishing just isn’t enough give us a call. We cosmetically repair scratched wooden furniture as well as deep gouges in tables, cabinets, and wardrobes.

Wood stain removal

We're the experts when it comes to cleaning wood. We can remove staining, tackling everything from candle wax to nail polish and remover.

Chipped Wood

Regular use of wooden furniture can lead to minor divots and even chips and dents. Dont worry, we're experts in restoring wooden furniture.

Broken Frames

Don’t replace when you can repair. We repair all types of structural faults, including frames, wobbly legs, broken hinges, and drawers so you enjoy your furniture for longer.

Cracked, bubbling or peeling finish

Daily use can take its toll on a table’s finish leading to cracking and peeling. But don't worry we're the table restoration experts. If the shine has started to fade it’s time to call us.

Damaged corners and edges

When life takes a chunk out of your wooden furniture a professional touch may be needed. We can re-create the look and texture of missing wood.

Ring marks

Water staining can leave behind stubborn marks that don’t go away with regular cleaning. We can clean away ring marks and wood staining.

Loose legs and joints

Our furniture professionals keep most common parts in stock, and will be able to re-tighten and repair loose legs or joints.


A gouge is expertly concealed by one of our wood restoration specialists

How to Care for Wooden Furniture


1. Cleaning

The best way to preserve the finish of your wooden furniture is regular cleaning. Always use a specialist wood cleaner and not general cleaning products. Always follow the directions on the product and its good practice to test new cleaners in a hidden location first to ensure it won’t damage your furniture!

2. Dusting

Dust is abrasive and if left can damage the finish and leave microscopic scratches across the surface of the wood. A weekly dust with a dry microfibre cloth will trap even the smallest particles of dust and keep your furniture looking great.

3. Polishing

A UV absorbing polish is best to help prevent fading and discolouration if your furniture is exposed to sunlight. Always make sure you wipe in the direction of the grain. Don’t overdo it! Over using a polish can lead to clouding of the surface.

4. Take pride and act fast!

Spilt food or drink left on the wood surface to pool and dry will cause superficial damage to the surface of the wood and can remove the finish. Avoid placing plates and cups directly on the surface of the wood. Ring and heat marks are caused by hot plates and wine glasses.

Table Restoration

Our wood restoration specialists repair and restore tables. If it starts to crack or peel we can restore its shine and make it look like new again.

Cabinet Repairs

We specialise in restoring wooden cabinets, we can even remove wood staining from wax and nail polish.

Chair Repair

We have years of experience mending wobbly legs and chipped frames.

Dresser Repairs

We can repair gouges, chips, dents and all types of marks from dressers and wardrobes. We’re the experts when it comes to wood scratch repair.