Our Products

We offer a range of care products which help keep your furniture looking its best. From stain removers to protection, our product range covers fabric and leather items, dining and cabinet furniture as well as mattresses and pillows. Simply click on a product category to visit our Amazon store. 

Leather products


Caring for your leather is vital to keeping it in its best condition. With our set of leather products it's easy. Our range includes leather cleaners, protectors and ink removers to ensure your leather remains clean, supple and protected from premature aging. 

Fabric products


Keep your fabric items clean, stain free and smelling fresh with our Guardsman fabric care products. We offer a complete cleaning kit which includes a fabric stain remover, fabric cleaner and fabric deodoriser alongside a set of 2 stain remover bottles. 


Wood products


The key to beautiful looking wooden furniture is preserving its natural lustre. Our collection of products allow you to deeply clean your wood as well as protect it from the sun's UV rays. Our silicone free polish helps maintain a nautral shine whilst ring marks left from glasses and vases can be removed with our cloth. 

Mattress products

Mattress & Pillow Protectors

Our range of mattress and pillow protectors help to combat allergens and are 100% waterproof. We offer 3 types - Classic, Natural & Luxury - each with their own qualities. Our Classic range is made from porous terry-cotton whilst our Natural protectors have been designed using a natural TENCEL fibre which is soft to touch and ideal for sensitive skin. For a more luxurious sleep, our reversible Luxury range offers a soft fleece for the winter and a smooth quilt for the warmer months.