Sofa Cleaning & Stain Removal


The Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Grease, body oil, and dirt all build up over time and will eventually degrade the fibres. We can clean your sofa so it looks its best and smells fresh.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it’s a three piece suite or the family sofa we will be able to remove life’s everyday dirt, nourish leather and restore its appearance.

Blood Stain Removal

We know how to clean blood effectively and can remove other common human and animal stains like urine, vomit, and excrement. Don’t live with the damage, we can help.

Food and Drink stains

Red wine, coffee, pizza or any number of potential causes. We clean with industry leading professional chemicals designed to target and breakdown the different components of the stain.

Make up and Cosmetics

We can remove nail polish from wood and clean away cosmetic products from your furniture.

Ink Stain Removal

Once the ink has penetrated leather or fabric fibres it needs specialist attention as general cleaning can spread the stain.

Wood Stain Removal

Water rings, wax staining, and those unsightly table marks, our specialist wood furniture stain removal specialists can help.

Mattress Cleaning

We know that mattresses aren’t the easiest things to clean. We can clean deeply to extract stains that have penetrated the surface of the mattress.


Watch one of our sofa cleaning specialists perform a red wine stain removal.

A First Aid Guide to Cleaning Stains


1. NEVER use general cleaning products on furniture, most have a high alkaline content and can cause irreparable damage! Unfortunately we hear many cases of furniture bleaching occurring from using general purpose cleaners. Only use professional cleaning solutions intended for specific material types when cleaning furniture.

2. The best way to tackle a fresh stain is to first soak up the excess with paper towels. If you have a specialist cleaning product make sure you follow the application instructions and product suitability information carefully. We recommend pre-testing in a hidden area first before applying to the stain.

3. Always BLOT the stain, don’t rub! Rubbing causes the stain (especially in the cases of fabric upholstery) to set deeper into fabric fibres and becomes very difficult to remove. If you’re removing a stain from wood always wipe in the direction of the grain.

4. If all else fails don’t worry; give us a call. We have the cleaning expertise and know how to remove stains effectively. We only use professional products from industry leading suppliers that you can’t find in the shops!

Red Wine Stain Removal

We understand the chemistry behind stain removal. We can remove red wine stains from fabric upholstery, just give us a call.

Coffee Stain Removal

If you’ve split your tea or coffee on your upholstery don’t worry! We can remove drink stains.

Chocolate Stain Removal

The classic child related stain, which fortunately we know how to clean! If your sofa has been smeared with chocolate we can remove the evidence.

Urine Stain Removal

Be it a pet or person we regularly remove urine stains and other bodily fluids like vomit and faeces. We clean deeply to remove the accident from your furniture.